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Press Release: OSSN expands its digital marketing capabilities in Hong Kong with QConcept Partnership

Press Release: OSSN expands its digital marketing capabilities in Hong Kong with QConcept Partnership

HONG KONG, January 18, 2016

One Smart Star (HK) Limited, an exclusive provider of Star Number Services in Hong Kong, today announced that started from January 2016 it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with QConcept, a leading marketing agency in Hong Kong. Qconcept is now an authorized partner to provide Star Number Services to all companies in Hong Kong.

Pursuant to the partnership agreement, One Smart Star and QConcept will jointly cultivate talents in digital marketing and offline marketing by working together to develop a mix of unique marketing tools and programs for all customers in brand building, products/services awareness, increase sales opportunity, consumer loyalty management, etc.

“QConcept is a local leading 4As company serving more than 1,000 famous brands with excellent marketing services and promotional solutions”, said Mr. David Wong, General Manager of One Smart Star HK. “Through our strategic partnership with QConcept, we are able to speed up the rate of market penetration for the Star Number Service in the business marketplace and to drastically increase user awareness for Hong Kong consumers. We have, in the past year, spending resources in the developments of features and value-added platforms to the Star Number Service like the Star Phone App, Voice IVR system, data mining analytical tool, “Call Before You Spend’ and the most recent 8-digit App Dialing functionality. These additional enhancements will benefit all Star Number Service users and their consumers using in terms of interactive engagements in all communication modes.”

“QConcept is confident in bringing mutual benefits in this partnership with One Smart Star”, the Marketing Director of QConcept, Mr. Patrick Ng said. “It is no doubt that Star Number Service can add significant values to our QConcept’s marketing service portfolio, and through our marketing network in Hong Kong, we can provide this innovative service to all business partners for the enhancement of their current customer engagement strategies”.

About One Smart Star (HK) Limited
Since 2014, One Smart Star HK is cooperating with all major Hong Kong Mobile Telecom Service Providers (3 HK, CSL, China Mobile and Smartone,) to provide exclusive Star Number Services in Hong Kong. All corporations in Hong Kong are able to choose any available 4-digit combination from 0001 to 9999 and becomes the unique Star Number and corporation signature.
4-digit Star Numbers are widely used in industries with numerous interaction between the companies and consumers – for example banks, investment companies, airlines, public services, transportation and couriers, advertising companies, short-termed campaign, food deliveries and recruitment agencies, etc. Star Numbers are able to shorten the time to search your contact numbers and make it easier to find out your company’s information by consumers.

The headquarters of One Smart Star is located in the U.S.A., with the use of the globally patented technology developed by a top engineering team in Israel. The global expansion strategy is underway in more than 60 countries and current global users include multi-national enterprises like VISA, HSBC, McDonald’s, AIA and Holiday Inn.

Examples of brands using Star Number Service in Hong Kong

  • China Construction Bank (Star Number: *0939)
  • Bank of Communications (Star Number: *3328)
  • GoGoVan (*1234)
  • Svenson Hair Centres (*2238)

For Media inquiries, please contact:
One Smart Star (HK) Limited
Tony Chan
Manager, Marketing Services
Tel: (852) 3523 1768